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This collection of articles explores the symbolism and significance of the glasses in William Golding’s seminal novel, Lord of the Flies. An iconic symbol that features prominently throughout the story, the glasses represent a range of themes and ideas, from the power struggle between Ralph and Jack to the boys’ descent into savagery. Through a series of insightful analyses and critical readings, this collection sheds new light on Golding’s masterful use of imagery and metaphor to convey complex ideas about human nature, civilization, and morality. Whether you are a literary scholar or a fan of classic literature, this compelling collection is sure to deepen your understanding and appreciation for one of the most enduring works in modern literature.

What is Piggy's death analysis

What is Piggy’s death analysis?

What is Piggy’s death analysis? William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” is a novel that explores the darkest aspects of human nature. The book follows a group of British boys …

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