What happens when Jack kills the pig?

What happens when Jack kills the pig

What happens when Jack kills the pig? In William Golding’s novel, “Lord of the Flies”, Jack and his hunters kill a sow and decide to leave an offering for the beast. This act marks a turning point in the novel, as it shows the boys’ descent into savagery.

What happens when Jack kills the pig? (Answer)

When Jack kills the pig, he does so with a great deal of enthusiasm. He revels in the hunt and enjoys the thrill of killing. This is evident when Golding writes, “He [Jack] looked around fiercely, daring them to contradict. ‘We’ll have rules!’ he cried excitedly. ‘Lots of rules! Then when anyone breaks ’em–‘ His trace faltered and crumpled as if the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh was too much for him to bear.” (Chapter 4)

After killing the pig, Jack decides to offer its head as a sacrifice to the beast. He does this by placing it on a stick that has been sharpened at both ends. This gruesome act shows how far Jack has descended into savagery, as he no longer sees killing as simply a means of survival but rather as an expression of power.

The appearance of the Lord of the Flies in Chapter 8 is another significant event in this novel. The Lord of the Flies represents evil within all humans. He is a manifestation of what happens when civilization breaks down.

As Jack places the head on a stick, he says: ‘This head is for the beast.” Thus showing that his previous fears are now manifesting themselves in his mind through hallucinations or delusions. When Simon encounters The Lord Of Flies himself later on in Chapter 8 during his hallucination, it tells him that the “beast” is within all humans.

What does Jack killing the pig symbolize?

Jack killing the pig symbolizes the unleashing of the innate savagery and darkness that resides within each of the boys. It represents the transformation from civilization to primal instincts, as Jack embraces violence and power in his pursuit of hunting. The act suggests that the beast or evil is not an external force but something that exists within them all, waiting to be awakened.

How does Jack change after killing the pig?

After killing the pig, Jack undergoes a significant transformation. He becomes consumed by the exhilaration of his kill and is unable to divert his thoughts from it. This experience fuels his primal instincts and intensifies his desire for power and dominance over the others on the island. Jack’s obsession with hunting and killing grows, leading him down a dark path that distances him further from civilization and morality.

How did Jack kill the pig?

In a violent display of power and savagery, Jack slit the pig’s throat, causing its lifeblood to spill out.


To conclude, when Jack kills the pig and leaves its head on a stick as an offering for the beast, it shows how far he has descended into savagery and how quickly civilization can break down when there are no rules or authority figures present. It also highlights how fear can lead people to believe in things that aren’t real and ultimately cause them to act irrationally or harm others around them due to their innermost hidden fears manifesting outside through their actions.

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