Who is the most evil character in Lord of the Flies?

Who is the most evil character in Lord of the Flies

“Lord of the Flies” by William Golding is a timeless classic that explores the evil that lies within all of us. The novel is set on a deserted island where a group of boys is stranded after a plane crash. As they struggle to survive, they soon discover that the lack of adult supervision has unleashed their inner demons. But who is the most evil character in Lord of the Flies?

Jack Merridew, the main antagonist, is the character that represents the epitome of evil in the novel. Throughout the story, Jack stands in the way of Ralph’s efforts to establish a civilized society on the island and instead chooses to embrace the chaos and violence surrounding them. In this article, we will delve deeper into the character of Jack Merridew and explore why he is considered the most evil character in the Lord of the Flies.

Who is the most evil character in Lord of the Flies? (Complete Answer)

In William Golding’s classic novel, Lord of the Flies, the question of who the most evil character is has been debated for decades. While there are several characters who contribute to the descent into savagery on the island, Jack Merridew stands out as the epitome of evil.

Jack, the main antagonist, is introduced as a loud and boastful character who is quick to challenge authority. He is the leader of the choirboys and is initially portrayed as a disciplined and well-behaved individual. However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that Jack is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain power and control over the other boys.

Throughout the novel, Jack stands in Ralph’s way as Ralph attempts to create a civilized society on the island. Jack’s desire for power and control is evident in his actions, such as his decision to hunt and kill pigs for food and his creation of a tribe of savages who worship him as their leader. As the other boys become increasingly savage, Jack becomes more violent and brutal, eventually leading to the death of Simon and Piggy.

In addition to his violent and aggressive behavior, Jack is manipulative and cunning. He uses fear and intimidation to maintain control over the other boys, and he is able to convince many of them to join his tribe and participate in the violence. He is the driving force behind the chaos and destruction on the island, and it is clear that he takes pleasure in the suffering of others.

Who is more evil Jack or Roger?

Both Jack and Roger display increasing levels of evil throughout Lord of the Flies. However, Jack appears to be more evil because he actively seeks power and control over the other boys on the island, is willing to use violence to achieve his goals, and eventually leads his followers into committing murder. Roger, on the other hand, demonstrates sadistic tendencies and enjoys inflicting pain, but he does not actively seek leadership or exert control over the other boys. While both characters possess evil traits, Jack’s actions epitomize a more complete portrait of evil.

How is Jack evil in Lord of the Flies?

Jack is considered evil in Lord of the Flies for several reasons. Firstly, he is consumed by his own desire for power and control, which he pursues through violence and intimidation. His desire for power and control is evident in his obsession with hunting, which becomes increasingly sadistic as the novel progresses. Jack is also charismatic and manipulative, convincing the other boys to join his tribe and abandon the principles of civilization and order. Additionally, he is willing to sacrifice the lives of other boys for his own benefit, as seen in his decision to hunt Ralph towards the end of the novel. Overall, Jack’s moral decay and descent into savagery symbolize the inherent darkness within human nature.


In conclusion, Jack Merridew is undoubtedly the most evil character in Lord of the Flies. His actions and behavior represent the evil lurking within us all and the dangerous consequences that can result when we give in to our darker impulses. Through his character, Golding highlights the importance of maintaining order and civilization in the face of chaos and savagery.

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