Why did Piggy protect the conch? (Answered)

Why did Piggy protect the conch

Why did piggy protect the conch? Piggy, one of the main characters in William Golding’s novel “Lord of the Flies,” is often seen as a rational and logical voice on the island. He is so intent on preserving some remnant of civilization on the island that he not only remains loyal to Ralph but to the concept of civilized discourse represented by the conch.

Why did Piggy protect the conch? (Answer)

Throughout the novel, Piggy protects and values the conch as a symbol of order and democracy. He believes that whoever holds the conch has the right to speak and be heard, regardless of their social status or personal beliefs. Piggy sees this as an essential aspect of maintaining a civilized society.

When Jack’s group begins to challenge Ralph’s leadership and reject any form of authority, Piggy becomes increasingly concerned about their lack of respect for the conch. He assumes, improbably enough, that Jack’s raiders have attacked them to get the conch.

Piggy understands that without rules and structure, chaos will reign on the island. The conch represents a system of communication that allows everyone to have a voice and participate in decision-making. Without it, there would be no way for anyone to communicate effectively or resolve conflicts peacefully.

What happens to the conch?

The conch, a symbol of order and civilization on the island, meets its demise when Roger releases a massive rock that kills Piggy and shatters the conch into irreparable pieces. This act represents the complete breakdown of societal rules and the descent into chaos among the boys on the island.

What does the destruction of the conch symbolize?

The destruction of the conch symbolizes the end of civilized rules and democracy. The conch, which represents order and authority, is shattered during a chaotic and violent moment on the island. This signifies the collapse of their organized society and the loss of democratic principles as the boys descend into savagery and anarchy.

Why do the twins suggest they all paint their faces before going to see Jack?

The twins suggest that they all paint their faces before going to see Jack because they are intimidated by the boys wearing masks. By painting their faces, the twins hope to blend in and avoid standing out as potential threats or enemies to Jack’s tribe, which is known for its aggressive and savage behavior.

How does Piggy die?

Piggy dies when Roger, one of the boys on the island, pushes a large boulder down the mountainside. The boulder strikes Piggy, causing him to fall off the mountainside and onto the rocks below. As he falls, the conch shell he is holding shatters, symbolizing the loss of order and civilization on the island.


In conclusion, Piggy protects the conch because he believes it is essential for maintaining order and democracy on the island. He understands that without it, chaos will reign supreme and any hope for civilization will be lost. Despite being mocked by some of his peers for his attachment to this symbol, Piggy remains steadfast in his belief that it represents something important worth protecting at all costs.

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