Do the boys mistake Simon for the beast? (Answer)

Do the boys mistake Simon for the beast

In William Golding’s classic novel “Lord of the Flies”, the central character Simon makes a life-changing discovery. However, things take a dark turn when he tries to share this newfound knowledge with the rest of the boys on the island. So, do the boys mistake Simon for the beast?

The boys mistake Simon for the mythical beast that haunts their thoughts, set upon him, and ultimately kill him. This event raises questions about human nature and the consequences of power, fear, and the loss of civilization. This article will delve into the circumstances surrounding Simon’s death and explore whether the boys mistook him for the beast.

Do the boys mistake Simon for the beast? (Complete Answer)

In the Lord of the Flies, Simon is a central character who makes a discovery on the island where he and the other boys are stranded. However, when he goes to share this knowledge with the rest of the group, things take a dark turn. The evil and savagery within the boys boil to the surface, leading to a tragic misunderstanding. The question that arises is whether the boys indeed mistook Simon for the beast.

Throughout the novel, the concept of the beast haunts the boys’ thoughts and instills fear in them. The boys have created a mythical creature in their minds, one that embodies all the evil and fear they experience on the island. When Simon stumbles upon the truth about the beast, he tries to convey it to the others. However, their fear and savagery take over, leading them to mistake Simon for the beast.

In the climactic scene, Simon approaches the boys in the midst of a frenzied dance, trying to share his discovery. However, the evil and fear within the boys has taken hold, and they see Simon as a threat. They set upon him, mistaking him for the beast, and ultimately kill him. This scene highlights the consequences of fear and the loss of civilization, as the boys’ savagery and violence lead to a tragic misunderstanding.

Who is to blame for Simon’s death in Lord of the Flies?

The responsibility for Simon’s death can be attributed to the collective actions of the group of boys, as well as their mob mentality and fear-driven behavior. The boys, in their savage frenzy, mistake Simon for the “beast” and brutally attack and kill him. However, it can also be argued that this tragic event is a product of the innate darkness and evil within each individual that is brought to the surface in the absence of society’s constraints. Ultimately, the blame for Simon’s death cannot be attributed solely to one character, as it reflects the breakdown of civilization and the inherent flaws of human nature.

How did Simon die?

Simon was killed by the other boys in a frenzied and savage dance during a ritualistic chant. They mistook him for the “beast” they had been afraid of, and in their hysteria, they beat and clawed him to death with their bare hands and other makeshift weapons.


In conclusion, the tragic events surrounding Simon’s death in William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” suggest that the boys did mistake him for the beast. The fear and savagery that had taken hold within the group led to a misunderstanding, causing them to see Simon as a threat. This mistake highlights the dangers of fear and the loss of civilization, as well as the importance of recognizing the evil within ourselves. It highlights the importance of recognizing and combating the forces that threaten to destroy the fabric of society. The events surrounding Simon’s death will continue to resonate with readers, serving as a warning about the dangers of fear and the loss of civilization.

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