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This collection of articles explores the many questions raised in William Golding’s classic novel, “Lord of the Flies”. From the themes of power and control to the symbolism behind certain characters and events, these articles delve into the deeper implications of the story. Readers will gain a greater understanding of the complexities of human nature and society through analysis of this timeless work. Whether you are a student studying the novel or a fan seeking new insights, this collection offers thought-provoking perspectives on some of literature’s most enduring questions.

Who gives Piggy meat

Who gives Piggy meat? (Answered)

“Who gives Piggy meat?” is a question that has puzzled readers of William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” for years. The answer to this question lies in one of the …

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Who saved the boys in LOTF

Who saved the boys in LOTF?

Who saved the boys in LOTF? In William Golding’s novel “Lord of the Flies,” a group of British schoolboys is stranded on an uninhabited island and left to fend for …

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