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This collection of articles delves deep into Chapter 12 of Lord of the Flies, the final chapter of William Golding’s classic novel. The articles explore themes such as power, savagery, and morality as they relate to the events that unfold in this pivotal chapter. Readers will gain insight into the characters’ motivations and actions, and how they reflect larger societal issues. The collection also includes analysis of Golding’s writing style and use of symbolism in conveying his message about human nature. Overall, this collection offers a comprehensive examination of Chapter 12 and its significance within the context of the novel as a whole.

Who betrayed Ralph's hiding place

Who betrayed Ralph’s hiding place?

Who betrayed Ralph’s hiding place? William Golding’s novel “Lord of the Flies” is a harrowing tale of survival and savagery. One of the book’s most intriguing mysteries is the identity …

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