Who gives meat to Ralph? (Answered)

Who gives meat to Ralph

Who gives meat to Ralph? In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, the character Ralph faces a harrowing experience when Sam gives him a chunk of meat and tells him to leave. As he crawls away to safety, Ralph is warned by Samneric that Roger has sharpened a stick at both ends. This article answers who gives meat to Ralph in Lord of the Flies and what this act signifies in the context of the novel.

Who gives meat to Ralph in Lord of the Flies? (Answer)

In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, Ralph, the protagonist, finds himself in a precarious situation when he becomes the target of his former friends, who have turned into savages. The boys, who were once civilized and organized, have become wild and violent, and they perceive Ralph as a threat to their newfound way of life.

As the story progresses, Ralph becomes increasingly isolated from the other boys and is forced to fend for himself in the jungle. In one particularly harrowing scene in Chapter 12, Sam gives Ralph a chunk of meat and tells him to leave. Although Ralph is initially grateful for the food, he soon realizes something is amiss.

Samneric (the name for the twins Sam and Eric) tell Ralph that Roger has sharpened a stick at both ends. The boys will likely use the sharpened stick to harm Ralph, possibly as a sacrifice to their savage gods.

Realizing he is in danger, Ralph crawls away to a slope where he can safely sleep. This scene is significant because it shows the extent to which the boys have descended into a state of savagery. They have abandoned all of the rules and norms of civilized society and embraced violence and brutality as a means of survival.

Who orders the boys to hunt Ralph?

In the book Lord of the Flies, it is Jack who orders his group of hunters to hunt Ralph. As the novel progresses and chaos ensues on the island, Jack becomes increasingly power-hungry and obsessed with hunting. He sees Ralph as a threat to his authority and aims to eliminate him to establish complete control over the remaining boys. This leads Jack to order his hunters, who have become loyal followers, to track down Ralph and bring him down by force if necessary.

What do Samneric tell Ralph?

Samneric tell Ralph about the manhunt Jack has planned for the next day. They inform Ralph of this so he can hide from Jack’s hunters. Additionally, they give Ralph some meat, which is an act of kindness or a gesture of support in their difficult situation. However, unfortunately for Samneric, someone overhears them talking to Ralph and punishes them for their actions. This punishment shows that there are real consequences for standing up to Jack.

What has Roger prepared for Ralph?

In the book Lord of the Flies, Roger has prepared a horrifying plan for Ralph. He has readied himself to kill Ralph and then sever his head from his body. Roger intends to impale Ralph’s severed head onto a spear or stake, displaying it as a gruesome trophy. This chilling act symbolizes the boys’ complete loss of civilization and morality as they succumb to their primal instincts and embrace violence and brutality.

What does Ralph discover when he flees to the beach?

When Ralph flees to the beach, he discovers an incredible sight – a ship carrying the naval officer has arrived to rescue them. As he stands on the sand, his eyes widen with hope and relief. The realization that they will finally be saved from the isolated and savage island fills him with a mix of emotions – joy, gratitude, and perhaps even a touch of disbelief. At this moment, Ralph’s faith in civilization is restored, as he sees the ship as a symbol of their return to society and safety. This discovery brings hope amidst the chaos and darkness that has consumed their lives on the island.


In conclusion, the scene in which Sam gives meat to Ralph in Lord of the Flies is a powerful reminder of the dangers of mob mentality and the ease with which people can be persuaded to abandon their values and principles. As the novel illustrates, people can do unspeakable things when pushed to their limits. Only by maintaining our humanity and compassion can we avoid descending into savagery.

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