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This collection of articles explores the theme of conflict in William Golding’s classic novel, “Lord of the Flies.” The various articles analyze how conflicts arise and escalate among the young boys stranded on a deserted island, as they struggle to survive and establish their own society. From the initial power struggles and disagreements over rules to the violent clashes that eventually lead to tragedy, these articles offer insight into the complex dynamics of human conflict and its devastating consequences. Through a variety of perspectives and approaches, this collection provides a nuanced understanding of one of the central themes in “Lord of the Flies” and its relevance to contemporary issues related to power, violence, and group psychology.

Why does Ralph need to be killed

Why does Ralph need to be killed?

Why does Ralph need to be killed? In William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies, Ralph’s character is integral to the story’s overarching theme. He is the protagonist, the …

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