Who betrayed who in Lord of the Flies?

Who betrayed who in Lord of the Flies

Who betrayed who in Lord of the Flies? In William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies,” the question of who betrayed who is a complex and nuanced one. The novel follows a group of British boys stranded on an island without any adult supervision. As they struggle to survive, tensions rise and alliances shift.

Who betrayed who in Lord of the Flies? (Answer)

At the heart of the betrayal in “Lord of the Flies” is the conflict between Ralph, a natural leader who tries to maintain order and reason, and Jack, a charismatic but brutal boy who becomes obsessed with hunting. As Jack gains more power over his followers, he begins to turn them against Ralph, painting him as weak and ineffectual.

However, it would be simplistic to say that Jack alone betrayed Ralph. The other boys on the island also played a role in undermining Ralph’s authority. For instance, even Piggy – Ralph’s closest ally – is hesitant to support him when it comes down to confronting Jack directly.

Moreover, there are moments throughout the novel where individual characters betray each other for their own self-interests or out of fear. For example, when Simon shares his vision with Jack’s tribe about how they need to change their ways if they want to be rescued from the island. Instead of listening, they kill him out of fear, showing their betrayal of Simon.

In many ways, “Lord of The Flies” can be seen as an allegory for human nature where people can turn on each other easily for selfish reasons or due to fear. However, it also depicts how humans can become savages if unchecked by societal norms.

Who betrayed Ralph?

In Lord of the Flies, Samneric (Sam and Eric) betray Ralph by revealing his hiding place to Jack and his tribe. They are coerced into giving away Ralph’s location when they are captured and tortured by the tribe. This betrayal ultimately leads to Ralph’s desperate escape and the novel’s climax.

Why does Jack betray Ralph?

Jack betrays Ralph because he believes that Ralph is not a fit leader. Throughout the book, Jack becomes increasingly resentful of Ralph’s authority and begins to view him as weak and ineffective. Jack’s desire for power and control drives him to form his own tribe, where he can take charge and exert his dominance over the other boys. By betraying Ralph, Jack hopes to overthrow him as the leader and establish himself as the superior ruler on the island.

How did Ralph betray Piggy?

Ralph betrayed Piggy by allowing and encouraging the other boys to call him “Piggy,” despite knowing that it was hurtful and demeaning. This act of betrayal highlighted Ralph’s disregard for Piggy’s feelings and contributed to the ongoing mistreatment that Piggy faced throughout their time on the island.

What do the hunters do out of desperation? What is the eventual outcome of this act of desperation?

Out of desperation, the hunters decide to smoke Ralph out of the island. However, their plan goes awry as the fire they set quickly grows out of control and engulfs the entire island, burning it down. This act of desperation ultimately leads to the destruction of their only means of survival and a complete loss of civilization on the island.


In conclusion, the theme of betrayal in Lord of the Flies is a complex and multi-layered one. The boys on the island are constantly betraying each other in various ways, from breaking promises to outright violence. Lord of the Flies stands as a powerful reminder of how easily trust can be broken when people are placed in difficult situations – and how important it is to strive for empathy and understanding even in such circumstances.

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