Was Simon innocent in Lord of the Flies?

Was Simon innocent in Lord of the Flies

Was Simon innocent in Lord of the Flies? As an expert on William Golding’s classic novel “Lord of the Flies,” the question of whether Simon was innocent has intrigued me for years. While some readers may view Simon as an innocent victim, others argue that his own actions contributed to his tragic fate. In this article, I will explore both sides of the argument and provide my analysis.

Was Simon innocent in Lord of the Flies? (Answer)

Firstly, it is important to note that Simon is indeed the only truly innocent character in Lord of the Flies. In contrast to other boys on the island, Simon never participates in any violent or cruel behavior. He is kind, gentle, and deeply spiritual. Throughout the novel, he shows a remarkable ability to see beyond appearances and connect with nature on a profound level.

Despite his innocence, Simon’s fate is perhaps the most tragic of all the characters in Lord of the Flies. He is killed by the other boys during a frenzied dance ritual that spiraled out of control. This scene highlights how quickly humans can turn into savage animals when stripped of civilization and morality.

Some readers argue that Simon’s death was inevitable, given his own naive and trusting nature. They point to his decision to reveal the truth about “the beast” to Ralph and Piggy as evidence that he lacked common sense or self-preservation instincts. Others suggest that Simon’s spiritual beliefs made him too alienated from his peers to be safe among them.

On the other hand, many readers view Simon’s death as a tragic loss of innocence in its purest form. They argue that he represented everything good and humane about humanity – qualities that were extinguished by the boys’ descent into savagery. For these readers, Simon’s death symbolizes not only a loss of innocence but also a complete rejection of hope for mankind.

Both perspectives have merit. On the one hand, it is true that Simon’s actions contributed to his own death. For example, his decision to venture into the jungle alone at night was a risky move that ultimately sealed his fate. However, it is also true that Simon is the only truly innocent character in Lord of the Flies. He represented a beacon of hope and humanity in a world that had gone completely mad.

Quotes proving Simon’s innocence

Here are several quotes from the novel “Lord of the Flies” that demonstrate Simon’s innocence:

1. “He’s always throwing a faint.” (Chapter 1) – This quote from early in the novel suggests that Simon is weak or sickly, but it also shows that he is not pretending to be something he’s not. Simon does not try to impress anyone with false bravado or toughness.

2. “Simon became inarticulate in his effort to express mankind’s essential illness.” (Chapter 5) – Here, we see Simon trying to explain his spiritual beliefs to Ralph and Piggy. While he struggles to find the right words, his message is one of compassion and understanding for all human beings.

3. “Simon found for them…the fruit they could not reach.” (Chapter 3) – This quote describes Simon helping the younger boys by finding food they had overlooked. It demonstrates his kindness and generosity toward others.

4. “What I mean is…maybe it’s only us.” (Chapter 5) – In this passage, Simon suggests that the so-called “beast” on the island may actually be a manifestation of the boys’ own fears and darkness. He has a deep insight into human nature that none of the other characters possess.

5. “You’ll get back all right.” (Chapter 8) – This simple phrase shows Simon offering reassurance and comfort to Ralph when he is feeling hopeless and afraid. It demonstrates his empathy for others and his desire to help them.

Overall, these quotes demonstrate how Simon stands out as a compassionate and perceptive character who tries to bring good into a world gone bad. His innocence is evident throughout the novel in both his actions and his words, making him one of its most tragic figures when he meets his untimely end at the hands of the other boys on the island.

Why is Simon innocent in Lord of the Flies?

Simon is innocent in Lord of the Flies because he maintains his inherent goodness throughout the novel. He possesses a gentle and compassionate nature, always seeking to help others and find peace. Simon shows no desire for power or control and remains untainted by the primal instincts that consume the other boys. His kind-heartedness is evident in his efforts to take care of the younger boys, his willingness to confront the beast, and his genuine concern for everyone’s well-being. Ultimately, Simon’s innocence lies in his unwavering belief in humanity’s capacity for goodness even amidst chaos and darkness.

Does Simon lose his innocence?

Yes, Simon does lose his innocence in Lord of the Flies. Initially portrayed as a gentle and spiritual character, he becomes increasingly aware of the darkness and savagery within human nature as the story progresses. He witnesses and understands the true nature of the beast that resides within each individual on the island. Ultimately, this knowledge overwhelms him, leading to his tragic demise at the hands of his fellow boys. Simon’s loss of innocence is symbolized by his brutal murder, signifying how even those with pure intentions can be corrupted in a hostile environment.

When did Simon lose his innocence?

Simon loses his innocence in Lord of the Flies when he witnesses the boys’ brutal killing of a mother pig and becomes aware of their inherent savagery. This traumatic event shakes him to his core, leading him to realize that darkness exists within each of them, including himself. From this point on, Simon’s innocence is stripped away as he understands the true nature of human beings and the potential for evil that lies within them.

Is Simon a good person in Lord of the Flies?

Yes, Simon can be considered a good person in Lord of the Flies. He is portrayed as gentle, kind-hearted, and compassionate throughout the novel. He has an innate sense of morality and empathy towards others, especially the vulnerable ones like the littluns. Simon also displays a deep connection with nature and possesses a spiritual understanding of the island’s true nature. Despite being misunderstood by his peers, he consistently tries to do what is right and helps others whenever he can.


Ultimately, whether Simon was innocent in Lord of the Flies has no easy answer. While some readers may view him as naive or foolish, others see him as a tragic symbol of all that is good and pure about humanity. Regardless of how we interpret his character, however, it is clear that Simon’s death represents a profound loss not just for the characters in the novel but for all of us who seek to preserve our own innocence and humanity in an often brutal and unforgiving world.

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