Who is responsible for killing Simon in Lord of the Flies?

Who is responsible for killing Simon in Lord of the Flies

Who is responsible for killing Simon in Lord of the Flies? In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, Simon’s death is a pivotal moment that marks the boys’ descent into savagery. The question of who is responsible for killing Simon is complicated because multiple characters contribute to his tragic end.

Who is responsible for killing Simon in Lord of the Flies? (Answer)

At first glance, it may seem like Jack and his tribe are solely responsible for Simon’s death. After all, they were the ones who mistook him for the beast and attacked him with their spears. However, it’s important to consider how other factors influenced their actions.

One of these factors is Ralph’s leadership style. From early on in the novel, Ralph struggles to maintain control over the group. He relies heavily on Piggy as his advisor and often has trouble making decisions on his own. This lack of assertiveness allows Jack to gain more power and influence among the boys.

When it comes to Simon’s death, Ralph could have taken a more proactive role in preventing it. He knew that Simon was not a threat and had even tried to explain this to the others earlier in the day. However, he failed to take action when he saw Jack and his followers descending into madness.

Another factor that contributed to Simon’s death was the boys’ fear and paranoia. They had been living on the island for weeks without any adult supervision or guidance. As a result, they began to imagine all sorts of dangers lurking around them.

This fear was stoked by some of the older boys who delighted in telling scary stories around the fire at night. It reached a fever pitch when they mistook Simon for the beast during one of these gatherings.

Finally, we must consider Simon himself as a character who played a role in his own death. Throughout the novel, he is portrayed as an outsider who doesn’t quite fit in with either Ralph or Jack’s group.

His tendency towards introspection and mysticism set him apart from the other boys, making him an easy target for their irrational fears. Additionally, he chooses to venture into the forest alone on the night of his death, despite knowing that it’s a dangerous place.

What caused Simon’s death in Lord of the Flies?

Simon’s death in Lord of the Flies is caused by a tragic combination of circumstances. After witnessing the brutal and violent dance of the boys around the “beast,” Simon, who has discovered that there is no actual beast on the island, attempts to reveal the truth to the others. However, he arrives at the assembly when everyone is in a state of frenzy and fear, and his appearance is mistaken for that of the beast. In their blind panic, the boys attack him, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

Who does Piggy blame for what happened to Simon?

Piggy does not specifically blame anyone for what happened to Simon. He believes that the group as a whole is responsible for Simon’s death, as they were all participating in the frenzied dance and were fearful, leading to the accidental killing of Simon.

Did Jack intend to kill Simon?

In the chaos and frenzy of the night when Simon emerged from the forest, Jack and his tribe were caught up in a primal state of fear and aggression. They mistook Simon for the “beast” they believed haunted the island, and in their frenzied state, they brutally attacked him, ultimately leading to his death. While it could be argued that they didn’t intend to kill him specifically but were acting out of fear, their actions clearly resulted in Simon’s tragic demise.

Was Simon’s death an accident?

Simon’s death can be seen as both accidental and intentional. While the boys were in a state of frenzy during a tribal dance, they mistook Simon for the beast and viciously attacked him, resulting in his death. However, their actions were fueled by fear and darkness that had consumed them, making it a tragic outcome rather than a deliberate act of murder.

What does Simon’s death symbolize?

Simon’s death in Lord of the Flies symbolizes the death of goodness on the island. As a compassionate and insightful character, Simon represents the moral conscience within the boys. His murder by his fellow tribe members, mistaking him for “the beast,” signifies the loss of innocence and the darkness that consumes them. This event highlights how easily fear and savagery can overpower kindness and empathy, ultimately extinguishing any remaining sense of goodness among them.


In conclusion, while Jack and his tribe may have been the ones who physically killed Simon, responsibility for his death is shared among all of the characters in Lord of the Flies. Ralph’s lack of leadership, the boys’ fear and paranoia, and Simon’s own choices all play a role in this tragic event. Ultimately, it is a reminder of how quickly humanity can descend into chaos when left to its own devices.

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