Who killed Simon in Lord of the Flies?

Who killed Simon in Lord of the Flies

Who killed Simon in Lord of the Flies? In this iconic novel by William Golding, a group of boys are stranded on an island and struggle to maintain order and their sanity. As tensions rise and fear takes hold, the innocence of these once-civilized children begins to unravel. Amidst this descent into darkness, a tragic event occurs that shakes the boys to their core: the death of Simon. While it may be easy to point fingers and assign blame, the truth is far more complex. In actuality, it was not just one person who killed Simon, but rather the entire group of boys. This article explores the circumstances leading up to Simon’s death in Chapter 9 and sheds light on how each individual’s participation ultimately played a role in his tragic fate.

Who killed Simon in Lord of the Flies?

Who killed Simon in Lord of the Flies? The answer to this question lies within the dark and chaotic depths of human nature, as portrayed by the entire group of boys on the deserted island. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Simon’s tragic death serves as a haunting reminder of humanity’s capacity for violence and its inability to confront its own inherent evil.

Simon, a gentle and introspective character, becomes a symbol of spirituality and morality throughout the story. As chaos ensues among the British schoolboys stranded on the island, Simon seeks solace and understanding in his solitary moments. He discovers a hidden glade deep within the jungle, where he frequently retreats to contemplate life’s mysteries.

However, it is during one such visit to his sacred sanctuary that tragedy strikes. Simon first discovers that the ‘beast’ the boys fear is actually a dead parachutist. Next, a voice speaks to Simon through the pig’s head and tells him that the true beast is within each of the boys. Simon crawls down the mountain to relay his discovery to the rest of the tribe. However, as darkness falls upon the island, a storm brews overhead, amplifying the already frenzied state of mind possessed by many of the boys. In their collective hysteria and paranoia, they mistake Simon for an eerie beast lurking in their midst while Jack Merridew’s hunters are re-enacting the killing of the pig as part of an animalistic ritual dance ad chant.

Driven by fear and madness, armed with sharpened sticks as makeshift spears, they descend upon him with savage intent. Unable to distinguish between friend and foe in their maddened frenzy, they unleash their pent-up aggression and beat Simon to death. Therefore, the entire group of boys killed Simon. Even Ralph and Piggy participated in his murder.

The scene unfolds amidst thunderous roars from both nature and mankind alike. The boys’ primal instincts take hold as they mercilessly beat and stab at what they perceive as an otherworldly threat. Oblivious to Simon’s pleas for mercy or his attempts to communicate with them about their shared humanity, they continue their brutal assault until his life is tragically extinguished.

All of the boys in this once-civilized society share responsibility for his death. Their collective guilt resides in their participation in this act of senseless violence fueled by mob mentality – an embodiment of the inherent evil that emerges when society’s structures crumble.

Simon’s death serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of unchecked savagery and the tragic loss of innocence. His murder highlights the descent into darkness, illustrating how easily humanity can abandon reason and compassion when faced with fear and uncertainty.

Does Jack Merridew kill Simon in Lord of the Flies?

Yes, Jack Merridew is indeed involved in the killing of Simon in Lord of the Flies. He becomes part of the frenzied group that brutally takes Simon’s life during a night when they mistake him for the “beast.”

Who does Ralph blame for Simon’s death?

Ralph blames himself and the other boys as he points out to Piggy that they collectively murdered Simon.

Who does Piggy blame for Simon’s death?

Piggy blames the group as a whole for Simon’s death. According to him, they were all participating in the frenzied dance in the darkness out of fear, which ultimately led to Simon being unintentionally killed by the group.

How did Simon die?

Simon dies in Lord of the Flies when he wanders into the midst of a ritual dance performed by the boys, who mistake him for the “beast” they fear. In their frenzied state, they brutally attack Simon with sticks and stones, ultimately killing him. The incident is a tragic culmination of the boys’ descent into savagery and their loss of reason and morality on the deserted island.

Was Simon’s death an accident?

No, Simon’s death was not an accident. He was intentionally killed by the other boys on the island during a frenzied and savage ritualistic dance.

What chapter does Simon die in Lord of the Flies?

Simon dies in Chapter 9 of Lord of the Flies.

What does Simon’s death symbolize?

Simon’s death in Lord of the Flies symbolizes the death of goodness on the island. As a character who embodies kindness, wisdom, and an innate understanding of morality, Simon’s brutal murder by his fellow boys represents the extinguishing of compassion and empathy amidst the descent into savagery and chaos. His death signifies the loss of innocence and serves as a stark reminder of the destructive power that can arise when humanity abandons its inherent goodness.


In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the author masterfully portrays human nature’s capacity for evil and the fragility of civilization. Simon’s brutal demise stands as a haunting testament to this central theme, reminding us all to confront the darkness within ourselves and strive towards preserving our innate goodness in times of adversity.

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