Who survived Lord of the Flies? (Answered)

Who survived Lord of the Flies

Who survived Lord of the Flies? William Golding’s classic novel “Lord of the Flies” is a haunting tale of survival, civilization, and savagery. The novel follows a group of British schoolboys stranded on a deserted island without adult supervision. As they struggle to survive, the boys’ social order breaks down, and they descend into a state of primal savagery. Throughout the novel, the boys’ survival is constantly threatened by their innate violence and the island’s dangers. The question of who survives the novel is important, as it speaks to its themes and the nature of humanity under extreme circumstances. In this article, we will explore the fate of each of the boys and what it reveals about the nature of survival and civilization. 

Who survived Lord of the Flies?

In terms of survival, not all of the boys make it out alive. Throughout the course of the novel, three boys die due to accidents, disease, and violence. The first to die is the young boy with the birthmark on his face, who is killed in a fire that the boys accidentally start while trying to signal for help. Later on, Simon, one of the more peaceful and introspective boys, is mistaken for the “beast” and is brutally killed by the others during a frenzied dance.

Piggy, another of the more rational and intelligent boys, is also killed when he is struck with a rock thrown by one of the other boys, causing him to fall off a cliff and die. This act of violence is a turning point in the novel, marking the complete breakdown of any semblance of order or civilization among the boys.

In the end, only a handful of boys are left alive. The novel’s protagonist, Ralph, survives along with a few other boys who were not involved in the violence and chaos that ultimately led to the deaths of their peers. Ralph is rescued by a passing naval officer, who arrives on the island after seeing the smoke from the fire that the boys started.

Does anyone get rescued in Lord of the Flies?

Yes, in Lord of the Flies, all of the surviving boys are rescued. Towards the end of the novel, a naval officer arrives on the island after seeing the fire that Jack’s tribe had set to smoke out Ralph. The officer rescues Ralph and the rest of the surviving boys, putting an end to their savage existence and returning them to civilization. However, this rescue comes at a bittersweet moment as it highlights the loss of innocence and the descent into darkness that took place among the boys during their time on the island.

Does Simon survive Lord of the Flies?

No, Simon does not survive in Lord of the Flies. In the novel, Simon is a kind-hearted and sensitive character who often retreats into solitude and finds solace in nature. He has a deep understanding of the island’s true nature and tries to convey his insights to the other boys. However, during a tribal frenzy ignited by fear and paranoia, the boys mistake Simon for the beast they believe haunts them. In their irrational state, they brutally murder him on the beach, mistaking him for their imagined enemy. Thus, Simon tragically meets his demise at the hands of his fellow survivors.

Does Ralph survive in Lord of the Flies?

Yes, Ralph survives in Lord of the Flies. Throughout the novel, he is portrayed as a strong and determined character, focused on maintaining order and civilization on the island. Despite facing numerous challenges and threats from the other boys, notably Jack and his group of hunters, Ralph manages to hold onto his leadership position for a significant portion of the story. However, as chaos escalates and savagery takes over, Ralph finds himself isolated and hunted by the other boys, who have turned into a violent mob. In the end, he is rescued by a naval officer who arrives on the island after seeing the smoke from their signal fire.

Does Jack die in Lord of the Flies?

No, Jack does not die in Lord of the Flies. At the end of the novel, Jack is still alive and is rescued along with the other boys by a naval officer. However, it is important to note that Jack’s character undergoes a significant transformation throughout the story, descending into savagery and becoming a symbol of primal instincts and violence.


In conclusion, Lord of the Flies is a harrowing tale of survival and the dark side of human nature. While not all of the boys survive, those who do are left to grapple with the traumatic events that occurred on the island and the realization that they were capable of terrible things in the absence of societal norms and adult supervision.

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