Why did Roger kills Piggy? (Find out here!)

Why did Roger kills Piggy

Why did Roger kills Piggy? In William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies, the character of Roger represents the dark side of human nature. Throughout the story, he increasingly shows his cruel tendencies and enjoys inflicting pain on others. However, it is in the final moments of the novel that he commits the ultimate act of violence – killing Piggy.

Why did Roger kills Piggy? (Answer)

The question that arises is why did Roger kill Piggy? The answer lies in the complex dynamics of the novel’s plot. At this point in the story, Ralph and Piggy have made overtures of peace and cooperation with Jack’s group. However, Roger is wound up and wants to kill someone. He is seeking an opportunity to express his violent tendencies, and either Ralph or Piggy will do.

Roger has always been a character who enjoys hurting others. He enjoys throwing rocks at the littluns and even kills Piggy with a boulder. It is clear that he has no empathy or remorse for his actions. He is a character who represents the darker side of human nature – the side that is capable of great cruelty and violence.

However, the killing of Piggy is not just the result of Roger’s cruel tendencies. It is also a result of the breakdown of society on the island. The boys have descended into a state of savagery, where might makes right and the strongest survive. The killing of Piggy symbolizes the total breakdown of civilization on the island.

Did Roger kill Piggy on purpose?

Yes, Roger did kill Piggy on purpose. Throughout the book Lord of the Flies, Roger consistently displays a sadistic and destructive nature. He enjoys inflicting pain on others and demonstrates this through various acts of cruelty. Additionally, Roger had a clear motive to kill Piggy as he was aligned with Jack’s tribe and their desire for power and control. When Roger deliberately rolls the boulder towards Piggy, causing his death, it is evident that it was an intentional act driven by his destructive tendencies and allegiance to Jack’s group.

How does Roger feel about killing Piggy?

Roger feels a sense of delirious abandonment when killing Piggy.

How did Piggy die?

Piggy dies when Roger intentionally pushes a large boulder that strikes him, shattering the conch shell he is holding and causing him to fall off the mountainside onto the rocks below.

What makes Roger push the boulder that kills Piggy?

Roger’s descent into savagery and his desire to inflict harm drive his decision to push the boulder that ultimately kills Piggy. Throughout the novel, Roger becomes increasingly unrestrained and embraces his dark instincts. His pent-up aggression and sadistic tendencies lead him to deliberately aim the boulder toward Piggy, demonstrating his complete surrender to the chaos and violence that have consumed the boys on the island.

What does Piggy’s death symbolize?

Piggy’s death in Lord of the Flies symbolizes the ultimate downfall of reason and civilization within the group. It represents the end of Ralph’s attempt to maintain order and reason and the triumph of violence and brutality over wisdom, kindness, and civility. Piggy’s murder signifies the complete loss of moral values and serves as a stark reminder of how easily humanity can descend into savagery when confronted with chaos and fear.


In conclusion, the killing of Piggy at the hands of Roger is a complex event resulting from several factors. Roger’s cruel tendencies, the breakdown of society on the island, and the desire to exert power and control all play a role in this tragic event. The novel “Lord of the Flies” is a powerful exploration of the dark side of human nature and reminds us of the importance of maintaining the social order and the rule of law.

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