Why does Jack punch Piggy? (Answered)

Why does Jack punch Piggy

In William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies, Jack is known for his violent and aggressive behavior towards his fellow survivors on the deserted island. One particular instance of this behavior is when Jack punches Piggy in Chapter 4. But why did Jack punch Piggy?

Why does Jack punch Piggy? (Answer)

The answer lies in a chain of events that occurred earlier in the story. After Ralph, the leader of the group, assigns Jack and his hunters the task of hunting for food, they successfully catch a pig. However, while they are away hunting, the fire that was meant to signal passing ships for rescue goes out. When Ralph confronts Jack about this, he becomes defensive and refuses to take responsibility for the failure.

It’s at this point in the story that Piggy comes in. Piggy, a loyal follower of Ralph, speaks up and reminds Jack that the fire is their top priority and that they need to work together to keep it burning. This angers Jack, who sees Piggy as weak and an obstacle to his own power and authority on the island.

As a result, Jack takes out his frustration and anger on Piggy by punching him in the face, slapping him, and mocking him. This violent outburst demonstrates Jack’s need for control and dominance over the group, even if it means resorting to physical violence.

Moreover, this act of aggression towards Piggy also foreshadows the escalating violence and chaos that will unfold on the island as the boys become more savage and primal.

How does Jack hurt Piggy?

In Lord of the Flies, Jack hurts Piggy by slapping him hard, causing one of the lenses of his glasses to break. This act of violence not only physically harms Piggy but also symbolizes Jack’s growing power and the deterioration of civilization on the island. By destroying Piggy’s glasses, which represent reason and intelligence, Jack further undermines any hope for rationality and order among the boys, ultimately contributing to the descent into savagery.

Why does Piggy fear Jack?

Piggy fears Jack because of the bullying and mocking he endures at his hands. Jack consistently belittles Piggy throughout the story, undermining his intelligence and physical abilities. This constant ridicule diminishes Piggy’s self-esteem and creates an atmosphere of fear and insecurity for him. Jack’s actions demonstrate a power dynamic in which he asserts dominance over Piggy, making him feel vulnerable and afraid of further mistreatment.

Why doesn’t Jack like Piggy?

Jack dislikes Piggy because he views him as different. Piggy’s physical appearance, with his overweight figure and glasses, sets him apart from the other boys on the island. Piggy’s intellectual nature and his reliance on reason and logic are in contrast to Jack’s more impulsive and instinctive approach to survival. Jack, being focused on asserting dominance and embracing a savage way of life, sees Piggy’s differences as weaknesses that make him unworthy of respect or inclusion in their tribe. Therefore, Jack’s dislike for Piggy stems from his perception of him as an outsider who does not fit into his vision of a primitive society.

Who gives Piggy meat?

In Lord of the Flies, it is Simon who gives Piggy meat. While the other boys are initially reluctant to share their food with Piggy, Simon shows kindness and compassion towards him. During one of their hunting expeditions, Simon secretly offers a portion of his own meat to Piggy, recognizing his vulnerability and understanding the importance of inclusion within the group. This gesture highlights Simon’s empathetic nature and serves as a contrast to the increasing savagery and division among the boys on the island.

Why do the littluns obey the call of the conch?

The littluns obey the call of the conch in Lord of the Flies primarily because it symbolizes order, authority, and democracy on the uninhabited island. The conch represents a system of governance that ensures fairness and equality, giving every individual an equal chance to speak and be heard. As young children accustomed to rules and structure, the littluns naturally gravitate towards this symbol of civilization. Moreover, they may also obey the call of the conch out of fear and a desire for safety, as it provides a sense of security amidst the chaotic and unfamiliar environment of the island.


In conclusion, Jack’s punching of Piggy is a pivotal moment in Lord of the Flies that reveals the dark and violent nature of human behavior when faced with extreme circumstances. It serves as a warning against the dangers of unchecked power and the consequences of giving in to our primal instincts.

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