Why does Jack steal Piggy’s glasses? (Answered)

Why does Jack steal Piggy's glasses

Why does Jack steal Piggy’s glasses? In William Golding’s iconic novel Lord of the Flies, the character of Piggy is known for his spectacles, which he uses to see the world around him. However, these glasses hold a much deeper significance in the story, as they represent the boys’ only means of obtaining fire by reflecting the sun’s rays. Fire, in turn, is symbolic of survival and rescue. In a pivotal moment in Chapter 10, Jack snatches the glasses off Piggy’s face to create the fire, despite Piggy’s protestations and his dependence upon them to see. This article explores why Jack would steal Piggy’s glasses and what it reveals about the characters and the novel’s themes.

Why does Jack steal Piggy’s glasses in Lord of the Flies? (Answer)

Jack steals Piggy’s glasses in Chapter 10 of William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies. This act is crucial to understanding the novel’s themes and its characters’ motivations.

Piggy’s glasses represent the boys’ only means of obtaining fire by reflecting the sun’s rays. Fire, in turn, is symbolic of survival and rescue. The boys are stranded on a deserted island and must fend for themselves. Fire is essential for cooking food, keeping warm, and signaling for help. Without Piggy’s glasses, the boys would be unable to start a fire and would be at risk of succumbing to the island’s harsh conditions.

Jack snatches the glasses off Piggy’s face to create the fire despite Piggy’s dependence on his glasses to see the world around him. Despite Piggy’s protestations, Jack focuses solely on his desires and power. He wants to be the group leader and sees the fire as a means of achieving this goal. He can control the boys and their fate on the island by controlling the fire.

In addition to the practical importance of the glasses, their theft also has symbolic significance. Piggy’s glasses are a representation of intelligence and rationality. They allow him to see the world around him, make sense of things, and communicate with the other boys. By taking them away, Jack is not only depriving the group of their only means of obtaining fire, but he is also diminishing their intellectual capacity.

Why is it significant that Jack stole Piggy’s glasses?

It is significant that Jack stole Piggy’s glasses in Lord of the Flies because the glasses symbolize power and knowledge. Piggy’s spectacles are not just a tool for his own vision but also a means to start a fire, which becomes crucial for the boys’ survival on the island. By stealing them, Jack gains control over this vital resource and asserts his dominance over Piggy. This act represents a shift in power dynamics on the island, as it shows Jack’s willingness to exploit others to further his own agenda.

Furthermore, stealing Piggy’s glasses also highlights the novel’s theme of civilization versus savagery. The theft represents Jack and his followers abandoning reason and rationality. Without access to fire, the boys would struggle to be rescued from their isolated existence on the island. Thus, by taking away Piggy’s glasses – a symbol of intellect and order – Jack demonstrates his descent into chaos and barbarism as he prioritizes his own desires over the collective well-being of the group.

When did Jack steal Piggy’s glasses?

Jack stole Piggy’s glasses in chapter 10 of Lord of the Flies. After a failed attempt to start a fire using Piggy’s specs, Jack becomes obsessed with obtaining them for his own hunting purposes. In a moment of confrontation and violence, Jack snatches the glasses from Piggy’s face, leaving him vulnerable and blind without his most prized possession.

Who went with Jack to steal Piggy’s glasses?

In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, Roger accompanies Jack to steal Piggy’s glasses. Roger is one of the older boys on the island and becomes Jack’s loyal follower. As the story progresses, Roger’s cruelty and sadistic nature become more evident, making him willing to participate in Jack’s schemes. Together, they plot to take Piggy’s glasses, which have become a valuable tool for starting fires on the island.

What do Piggy’s glasses symbolize in Chapter 2?

In Chapter 2 of Lord of the Flies, Piggy’s glasses symbolize intelligence and civilization. The glasses represent Piggy’s intellectual abilities as he is the most rational and logical thinker among the group of boys. They are a crucial tool for him to see clearly, metaphorically representing his insight and understanding of their situation on the island. The fact that Piggy is the only one with glasses also suggests that he possesses a unique perspective in terms of problem-solving and decision-making.

Furthermore, the glasses symbolize civilization as they are a man-made invention that functions to improve vision and enhance human capabilities. In contrast to the boys’ descent into savagery, Piggy’s glasses represent order and structure. They are also associated with fire, which becomes a key element in their struggle for survival. Jack’s breaking of Piggy’s glasses signifies the loss of reason and rationality within the group, foreshadowing a further decline into chaos and primitive behavior.


In conclusion, Jack’s decision to steal Piggy’s glasses is pivotal in the novel. It shows the power dynamics at play among the boys. The theft of the glasses highlights the struggle between rationality and a desire for control. It also underscores the importance of fire as a symbol of survival and rescue.

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