Why does Ralph need to be killed?

Why does Ralph need to be killed

Why does Ralph need to be killed? In William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies, Ralph’s character is integral to the story’s overarching theme. He is the protagonist, the voice of reason among a group of boys stranded on a deserted island, and the leader of the group that seeks to maintain order and civilization. But as the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that Ralph’s survival is threatened by the emergence of a more savage and violent group led by Jack. It is this group that ultimately seeks to kill Ralph.

Why does Ralph need to be killed? (Answer)

The reason for Ralph’s impending demise is simple: Jack must destroy Ralph for savagery to prevail over civilization. Throughout the novel, Jack represents the primal, violent, and savage nature of humanity. He is the leader of the boys who embrace their animalistic instincts. In addition, Jack relishes the power and control he wields over his followers. On the other hand, Ralph is the voice of reason, seeks to maintain order and civilization, and recognizes the importance of working together to survive.

As the story progresses, the conflict between Ralph and Jack becomes more pronounced. Jack’s group becomes increasingly violent and savage, hunting pigs and engaging in ritualistic dances that border on madness. Meanwhile, Ralph tries to maintain a sense of order and civility by building shelters, maintaining a signal fire, and establishing rules to govern the group. However, as Jack’s power grows, Ralph’s influence wanes.

In the jungle, Ralph comes upon the skull of a pig hung on a spear staked into the ground. This moment represents a turning point in the novel, as Ralph realizes that the boys have become entirely consumed by their savage instincts. This realization makes Ralph a threat to Jack’s power, and it is this threat that ultimately leads Jack’s group to hunt Ralph.

Did Jack want to kill Ralph?

Yes, Jack wanted to kill Ralph, as evidenced by his actions of hunting him down with his tribe in an attempt to end his life.

Why did Jack want to kill Ralph?

Jack wanted to kill Ralph in Lord of the Flies because he saw him as a threat to his power and leadership. Throughout the novel, Ralph consistently challenges Jack’s authority and questions his decisions, undermining Jack’s control over the boys. Furthermore, Ralph symbolizes civilization and order, while Jack represents savagery and anarchy. By eliminating Ralph, Jack aimed to eliminate any opposition to his rule and establish himself as the sole leader on the island.

How do the savages try to kill Ralph?

In their savage state, the boys, led by Jack, plan to hunt Ralph down like an animal and mount his head on a stick as a trophy.

Why was it ironic that Jack used fire to capture Ralph?

It was ironic that Jack used fire to capture Ralph because fire initially represented rescue and civilization on the island, but under Jack’s leadership, it became a symbol of destruction and savagery.

How does Piggy’s death affect Ralph?

Piggy’s death signifies the end of Ralph’s fragile troop and has a profound impact on him. As his closest ally and voice of reason, Piggy provided Ralph with guidance and support throughout their time on the island. With Piggy gone, Ralph is left feeling isolated and vulnerable, as he no longer has someone to rely on or to counterbalance the increasing savagery of the other boys. The loss of Piggy deepens Ralph’s sense of despair and highlights the disintegration of order and civilization on the island.

What happens to Ralph after Piggy dies?

After Piggy’s death, Ralph is left alone on the island, desperately trying to survive and maintain order. However, he is increasingly overwhelmed by the forces of bloodlust and primal chaos that have taken over the other boys. With no one left to support him and facing imminent danger, Ralph becomes doomed to defeat, unable to escape the violent consequences of their descent into savagery.

Why did Ralph sob as he and the remaining boys were rescued?

Ralph sobbed as he and the remaining boys were rescued because he was overwhelmed by the realization that he had narrowly escaped a violent death on the island, and now he was finally being rescued. The weight of this traumatic experience and the relief of knowing that he would soon be returning to civilization brought forth his emotions in tears.


In conclusion, the need to kill Ralph in Lord of the Flies stems from the conflict between civilization and savagery that lies at the heart of the novel. Jack’s group represents the savage nature of humanity, while Ralph represents the need for order and civilization. Ralph’s death is necessary for Jack’s group to emerge victorious and would represent the triumph of savagery over civilization. Ultimately, the novel warns against the dangers of giving in to our primal instincts and the importance of maintaining order and civilization in the face of chaos.

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