Why does Simon go off alone? (Answered)

Why does Simon go off alone

Why does Simon go off alone? Simon’s solitary excursion in Chapter 7 of “Lord of the Flies” is a significant moment in the novel. There are several reasons why Simon goes off alone, and each holds relevance to his character and role in the story.

Why does Simon go off alone? (Answer)

The immediate reason for Simon leaving is his desire to alert Piggy that they would be returning after dark. This small act shows Simon’s sense of responsibility towards the group, as he wants to make sure that everyone is safe and accounted for. Additionally, it highlights Simon’s selflessness and moral compass, which are traits that set him apart from many of the other boys.

However, there are deeper motivations at play in Simon’s decision to go off alone. Throughout the novel, Simon is portrayed as a perceptive character who has a connection with nature and understands its rhythms. In this scene, he senses an impending storm and feels compelled to be out in it. This desire aligns with his previous moments of solitude on the island, where he often retreats into himself or wanders off on his own.

Furthermore, it can be argued that Simon’s solo trip foreshadows his later fate. As readers know, he is ultimately killed at the hands of the other boys when they mistake him for ‘the beast‘. His separation from the group symbolizes how different he is from them – not only in terms of personality but also in terms of his eventual fate.

Finally, it is worth considering how Ralph reacts to Simon’s departure. He tries to call him back but does not succeed. This failure shows Ralph’s lack of control over what is happening on the island. The fact that Ralph cannot prevent someone like Simon from going off alone represents how far removed they all have become from civilization – where adults would have maintained order and kept everyone safe.

Where does Simon go when he goes off by himself?

When Simon goes off by himself, he retreats into the jungle and sits behind a woven mat of creepers. Despite feeling thirsty, he remains hidden in his vine-covered cave.

Why is Simon a loner in Lord of the Flies?

Simon is a loner in Lord of the Flies because his abstract statements and thoughts make him appear abnormal and possibly insane to the other boys. His introspective nature and deep understanding of the island’s mysteries set him apart from the others, leading them to view him as an outsider.

What do Ralph, Roger, and Jack find at the top of the hill?

Ralph, Roger, and Jack find what they believe to be a terrifying beast at the top of the hill. However, it is actually a parachutist whose image is distorted by the shadow.

What does Ralph ask Jack that makes everyone in the group feel uncomfortable?

Ralph’s question to Jack about why he hates him makes everyone in the group feel uncomfortable because it directly confronts the growing tension and rivalry between the two leaders. It exposes the underlying conflict and forces everyone to acknowledge the deepening divide within their society, making them uneasy and uncertain about the future.

Why does Ralph agree to go up on the mountain with Jack after dark?

Ralph agrees to go up on the mountain with Jack after dark because, in a society that values strength, he cannot risk appearing to be a coward. Despite his own fears and hesitations, Ralph understands the importance of maintaining his reputation as a strong leader and does not want to be seen as weak or afraid, especially in front of the other boys.


In conclusion, there are multiple reasons why Simon goes off alone in “Lord of the Flies”. His sense of responsibility, connection to nature, and foreshadowing of his fate are all critical factors in this scene. Additionally, Ralph’s inability to control the situation shows how far removed they have become from civilization, which is a central theme in the novel.

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