Why does Piggy clean his glasses? (Answered)

Why does Piggy clean his glasses

Why does Piggy clean his glasses? In the classic novel “Lord of the Flies,” written by William Golding, we see a character named Piggy who constantly cleans his glasses. The question arises, why does Piggy clean his glasses? 

Why does Piggy clean his glasses? (Answer)

As we delve deeper into the novel, we see that the other boys on the island constantly ignore Piggy. Despite being one of the smartest and most rational of the group, he is frequently dismissed and ridiculed. This causes Piggy to feel isolated and excluded from the group’s decision-making process. 

As the story progresses, we see the boys becoming increasingly savage and losing their rational thought processes. They become more focused on hunting and killing animals, and less concerned with their overall survival. In contrast, Piggy represents the vision of a civilized society. 

Piggy’s glasses are an important symbol in the novel. They represent his ability to see things clearly and rationally. When Piggy cleans his glasses, he is not only physically clearing them of dirt and debris but also metaphorically clearing his mind. He is trying to maintain his rationality and clarity of thought in the face of the increasing chaos on the island. 

Furthermore, Piggy’s glasses also represent the boys’ vision of society. The glasses are the only way the boys can start a fire to signal for rescue. Therefore, whenever there is a problem with the fire or signal, Piggy is the one who cleans his glasses in an attempt to fix the problem. 

What does Jack breaking Piggy’s glasses symbolize?

When Jack breaks Piggy’s glasses in Lord of the Flies, it symbolizes the destructive force of savagery and lawlessness attacking order, intellect, and civilization. The glasses serve as a representation of intelligence, reason, and the ability to see clearly. With their destruction, the boys lose their connection to rationality and civilized behavior. This act highlights how chaos triumphs over order when primal instincts take control, emphasizing that without intellectual guidance and structure, society descends into a state of darkness and anarchy.

When did Piggy lose his glasses?

Piggy lost his glasses at the end of Chapter 10 in Lord of the Flies when Jack and some members of his tribe raided Ralph’s camp. Recognizing the value of Piggy’s glasses for starting fires, which had become crucial for survival on the island, they seized the opportunity and took them from Piggy. This loss significantly impacts Piggy as it symbolizes the decline of reason and civilization within the boys’ society, leaving him vulnerable and marginalized.

How does Piggy feel about his glasses being taken and used by Jack and Ralph?

Piggy deeply resents and feels a profound sense of loss when his glasses are taken and used by Jack and Ralph. As the only character with clear vision on the island, Piggy’s glasses symbolize knowledge, reason, and civilization. Their theft signifies the gradual erosion of order and intelligence within the group. Moreover, Piggy’s dependence on his glasses for survival further intensifies his emotional attachment to them. The loss of his glasses leaves him physically vulnerable and underscores his exclusion from power dynamics, reinforcing Piggy’s feelings of marginalization and frustration throughout the narrative.


In conclusion, Piggy’s constant cleaning of his glasses is a metaphor for his attempts to maintain his rationality and clarity of thought in the face of the increasing chaos on the island. Additionally, his glasses represent the boys’ vision for society, so he would clean them whenever there was a problem.

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